190 Popular

Imagine having the features of a full-size RV to see the country, without all the hassles. You can with a Roadtrek 190 Popular van, and save a great deal of money on fuel. This vehicle comes complete with two beds, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen that includes a refrigerator and microwave, a closet and two captain chairs in the front. The body looks just like a van, so many of the restrictions that apply to RVs or fifth wheels do not apply to the Roadtrek 190 Popular. People who live in communities with RV parking restrictions can leave this vehicle in their driveways overnight without risking a fine.

The uses for a Roadtrek are many. Along with camping, people use this vehicle for frequent business trips, avoiding staying in motels or hotels many nights in a row. Since the vehicle has a kitchen, owners can prepare healthier, more inexpensive meals than eating out in fast food or expensive restaurants. Because the Roadtrek can sit in the driveway, it also serves as a spare bedroom when you have company, complete with its own bathroom. Many of these campers have built-in entertainment systems. With a satellite system, owners enjoy wireless Internet. satellite TV or watch DVDs.

The vehicle can tow up to 8,100 pounds, making it convenient for bringing a boat, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or off-road vehicles with you. There’s no need to leave the pets home, since the van has plenty of room and scouting around for lodging that accepts pets won’t be an issue. The van has an energy efficient heat pump to use even with the engine off, so pets can be comfortable inside during any season.

Some people use the Roadtrek 190 Popular as a comfortable way to go on long trips, even if they stay in conventional lodging at night. Having an alternative place to overnight is good if suitable rooms aren’t available. Long drives can be tiring, but the living conveniences inside the vehicle take some of the strain associated with road trips away. It’ easy for passengers to stretch, lie down, grab a snack, or even watch TV while going down the road.

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