210 Versatile


If you are looking for a home on wheels, but don’t want to spend the higher prices associated with an RV, you need to check out the Roadtrek 210 Versatile. This van has everything you could possibly want, from a reclining bed to a fully functioning bathroom, you are literally able to drive anywhere in the country with this vehicle, without the higher price tags and large gas consumption of the RV. Of course, before you go out and purchase one (or at least look at it), you need to know all the specifications and other feature of the Roadtrek 210 Versatile.

To start off, this class b motorhome has a built in kitchen. This includes a microwave, refrigerator and an external propane BBQ grill hook up. This allows you to either cook on the go, or enjoy grilled food when you stop. You’ll never to hook up to an outside gas or propane service in order to cook your food, and you’ll always have the equipment right at your ready. Plus, while the driver is taking care of the transportation aspect, others in the vehicle can sit back and enjoy a refreshment and some snacks, without every having to stop. This means the time it takes to reach point B from point A is reduced.

The bathroom contains a full toilet and sink, plus the ability to convert into a sit-down shower. You might want to stop on occasion to take a bath or full stand up shower, but if you need a shower in a pinch, this is going to service just fine, especially if you don’t want to stop and rent out the facility at a different location.

The bedroom in the Roadtrek 210 Versatile is an exceptional feature. Here you can sleep in a comfortable bed, at all times of the day, even when someone else is driving. This means, you no longer need to try and make due with one of the upright chairs, or even with a chair that is only able to recline a few inches. Plus, when you stop, you don’t need to roll out a sleeping bag, as the bed is always on the ready. Plus, form the bed you can either watch the scenery pass you by, or you can close the curtains and have complete darkness while riding. It is up to you, although always be careful while the vehicle is moving.

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