RS Adventurous


The Roadtrek RS-Adventurous is the biggest Class B  motorhome Roadtrek builds.  The Roadtrek RS-Adventurous is powered by a durable Mercedes-Benz 3L diesel engine that generates power to the rear wheels with five-speed automatic transmission. Rated at 154 horsepower, this engine has a torque rating up to 280 pound-feet. It also comes with two overhead camshafts per cylinder, aluminum crankcase, and balancer shaft. Rated by US gallons, average fuel economy is 20 miles per gallon.

Another great feature of the Roadtrek RS-Adventurous is its handling and the sense of control one feels while driving it. This beauty has a low centre of gravity and a long wheel base which vastly improves handling. A newly enhanced rack and pinion steering system has been adopted, that is also height and tilt-adjustable. Hard to maneuver areas and parking are a breeze with its speed sensitivity enhancements as it acts as reinforcement based on steering input.

The pilot compartment layout is similar to that of a pickup truck except it has a large windshield, a short nose that disappears, and a short shifting lever that is located directly by the driver’s right knee. Gear shifting is achieved effortlessly, as the driver merely needs to flip a lever to manually shift gears. This feature works hand in hand with engine breaking, which come in handy when going downhill for long stretches, all the while maintaining speed and saving the disc brakes.

There are many other dynamic features in the Roadtrek RS-Adventurous as well. This RV can pull a trailer with a max load of 5,000 pounds and it can be ordered from the factory with trailer hitch and electrical components already in place. It is also very roomy, with seatbelts for back seat passengers as well as front seat passengers. There is plenty of storage room as every single inch of the Roadtrek is economically used. Post-holes centered through out the vehicle serve as supports for a moveable tabletop, allowing for a table in multiple positions throughout the van.

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